Commands for Miki

Looking for something..?


Displays backgrounds you own for '>exp'


Buy a background for '>exp'


Sets the back color of '>exp'


Sets the background of '>exp'


Sets the front color of '>exp'


Sync username to database


Clean Miki's messages


Displays list of anime based on name


Displays list of characters based on name


Displays list of manga based on name


Displays top result of anime search


Displays top result of character search


Displays top result of manga search


Displays the disability meme


Redeem a donator key for donator status


Sell an extra donator key for 30,000 mekos


Displays the Tohru meme


Displays the Trap Card meme


Displays the Cold Hard Truth meme


Sets a farewell message for the channel


Sets a welcome message for the channel


Tests out either the welcome or farewell message


Push your luck by asking Miki specific questions


Posts an image of a bird


Posts an image of Nicholas Cage!


Posts cat pictures in your server


Wholesome Miki will compliment you


Posts an image of a dog


Posts a short story from 4chan


Let Miki pick your life choices by giving her a list of things to pick from


Tells you a random pun


Posts a safe image from Safebooru


Play a game of blackjack against Miki


Play the slot machine with Miki!


Shows your osu! catch the beat statistics!


Shows your osu! mania statistics!


Shows your osu! standard statistics!


Shows your osu! taiko statistics!


Don't want to lose your current avatar while you swap to a new one? Use this command!


Solve math with Miki's technical calculator


Gives you a link to Miki's blog! Including news, events and more about Miki!


Support this magnificent bot! We really need all the help to stay alive!


Shows information about the current Discord server


Shows general info about Miki


Gets an invite for Miki


Gets ping information from Miki


Shows your current prefix on the server


Get a link to Miki's low-level statistics


Define a word based on UrbanDictionary


Displays information of an user, such as creation date


Displays information for the bank of your guild. Mekos in the bank can be used to upgrade your guild


Set up your guild the way you'd like it to function


Displays information of how upgraded your guild is


Rivals your guild with another guild


Displays information about your guild


If you are winning against your rival, you get mekos for the week


Accept a marriage proposal


Buy an extra marriage slot using mekos


Cancel a marriage proposal you sent


Decline a marriage proposal sent by an user


Divorce someone you are married to


Shows the proposals you sent and received


Posts an image from e621


Posts an image from Gelbooru


Posts an image from Rule 34


Posts an image from


Deletes a pasta if you created it


Displays list of pastas you hate


Hate a pasta


Displays information of pasta, such as creation date


Displays list of pastas you like


Like a pasta


Displays all the pasta you created


Displays content of an existing pasta


Search pasta based on term


Display a confused reaction image


Display a crying reaction image


Display a lewd reaction image


Display a pouting reaction image


Display a smug reaction image


Display a staring reaction image


Give yourself roles from '>iamlist'


Deassign a role from yourself


List of self-assignable roles


Configurate Miki notifications for the server


Change the language of the bot to your preference


Change the prefix for the server


Shows what commands are enabled in the module for the channel


Show what modules are enabled for the channel


Sync your avatar to the database