Feeling generous?

Miki is a bot that is growing very fast, and to maintain a bot this big I have to take a lot of time from my daily life and focus on improving Miki for you all to enjoy. Therefore I've set up a few ways for you, the user to donate and support Miki.


For an easy way to check how much money I am expecting to get for the month I use patreon as a subscription-based donation platform. We offer rewards from extra personalized profiles to new command commissions per month!

  become a patron


Not a fan of commitment? No worries, we also support one-time donations with Ko-fi! You get instant rewards if you pass your discord user ID at the end of your message!

  Buy me a coffee


Do you not like money? Don't worry, I'm hip and young developer that (not really) believes in the "blockchain" technology. Therefore I made a bitcoin wallet.

BTC: 1FWRxg7r6hKQg4Lf46ot3o8RUSLrBGuddu

ETH: 0x3388F0b09d36d10FA8276854EA6b950A6183Bac4

Or DM Veld#0001 for other currencies


If you don't really have access to money, there is still a few things you could do!

  • Consider participating in our trello discussion boards to finetune new features, so we can get a better grasp of what you guys would like to see next!
  • Vote for Miki on Discordbots.org
  • Join our community and help other users!