Using MiScript to create custom commands

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Sat Feb 22 2020

Mi(ki)Script is Miki's custom command language, specifically written to make it easy to use custom commands. In this guide we will show you how to get started with MiScript.


Commands Description
>createcommand [command name] [script] Used to create a custom command
>removecommand [command name] Used to delete an existing custom command

Your first script

say "hello world"

As you might realize, this command simply makes Miki say "hello world". There's nothing else happening.

Message variables

sometimes you may want to include some additional information in your discord chats. The ability to add text from variables provided by Miki makes this possible.

say "Hello $[author]"

This would for example return

Hello Veld


Different responses are also allowed, for example you can add conditional branches as shown below.

if $author = "Veld" then
    say "Hello Veld!"
    say "Wait, you're not Veld!"

Stop sequences

Since there is a message limit on Discord, using if and else over and over again is not a good idea for bigger commands. using stop will stop the script and return the current output.

say "This message will be shown!"
say "However, this message will be ignored!"

Adding your commands to miki.

So now that you know how to create a script, Lets take a look at how to add it in your server!

Note: this will only work if you have the MANAGE ROLES permission in the Discord server.

>createcommand "testcommand" say "$[author]! Long time no see!"

And if everything goes well, you will see this:


Removing commands

To remove a command you have created, you can use >removecommand [command name]. For example, if you wanted to remove the command we created above you would use >removecommand testcommand. If done correctly, you should see the following:






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